Welcome to Sanctuary


s.a.n.c.t.u.a.r.y™ is a unique holistic resting place...


​mind, body & spirit

​... just moments away from the sands of Siesta Key


quiet place...

to feel inspired? to meditate? to nap? to practice yoga? to pray? to study? to paint? to compose? to write? to create? to heal? to rest? to connect and reflect with friends?

s.a.n.c.t.u.a.r.y™ bookings are handled by our founder, Kandy Magnotti. Fill out our contact form to learn how you can get involved in our relaxation services!

s.a.n.c.t.u.a.r.y™ is a unique holistic resting place on the waterfront
just moments away from the quartz sands of Siesta Key
where science and spirituality meet to
awaken and elevate consciousness
promote inner strength, health and well-being
inspire creativity and connection
reacquaint yourself with your most authentic self
all while you

​rest your mind & nurture your soul


explore below...


Women from all walks of life are welcome at s.a.n.c.t.u.a.r.y™​. You'll make yourself at home and help yourself to an assortment of coffee, tea, nutritious snacks, and water. Or bring your own and feel free to use the kitchen amenities.


​Your vibe attracts your tribe. The time you spend at s.a.n.c.t.u.a.r.y™ will bring you closer to knowing your purpose, raising your vibration and aligning your mind, body, and spirit through quieting the mind and fueling your soul.


You'll ​have access to a curated library of movies, documentaries, talks, books, magazines, cutting-edge holistic empowerment services and so much more, designed to awaken consciousness and ​promote mind | body | spirit alignment personalized to what you need to nurture your soul.

​s.a.n.c.t.u.a.r.y™ is your 

home away from home

You'll also be connected to a network of practitioners specializing in:

  • yoga
  • massage therapy
  • sound therapy
  • holotropic breathwork
  • guided meditation
  • vision boarding
  • enneagram empowerment
  • human biofield tuning
  • and more!

You may add on any of the listed services during your time at s.a.n.c.t.u.a.r.y™ for an additional fee.

​Have your own instructor you like to work with and would like to do so one-on-one in a private setting?

​Make a reservation at s.a.n.c.t.u.a.r.y™ and bring them along!


​practitioners & products for your lifestyle...

​Are you a holistic practitioner / mom boss? Get in touch to become part of the s.a.n.c.t.u.a.r.y™ tribe and advertise your specialty to our s.a.n.c.t.u.a.r.y™ community.

​professionals welcome

Are you a holistic practitioner looking for a high-end environment on the water to see your clients and grow your business without being tied down to a long term lease?

Learn how you can be a part of the s.a.n.c.t.u.a.r.y™ tribe of professionals focused on empowering women.

Bring your business to s.a.n.c.t.u.a.r.y™ and focus on what ​​you do best.

Are you a new mom or a seasoned mom seeking refuge from all the responsibilities of motherhood? put the oxygen mask on yourself first and spend some time at s.a.n.c.t.u.a.r.y™ resting your mind and nurturing your soul.

Are you a ​creative person needing a quiet place to tap into your inspirations and manifest your dreams? Let the creative vibes and peaceful energy of s.a.n.c.t.u.a.r.y™ fuel your fire and manifest your creative goals.

​tranquil, peaceful, harmonious


Spiritual healing and energy work are not a substitute for traditional medical and/or psychiatric treatment. If you have a serious health issue or mental disorder, please see a doctor, psychiatrist, or other appropriate professional, and make complementary/holistic healing part of a complete health care program.

Your energy WILL shift as you spend time and/or experience services at s.a.n.c.t.u.a.r.y™ however the results and “outcome” will not be linear and will not always make logical sense. You may well get the results that you are seeking as many report that they do, however if you’re the kind of person who requires concrete proof and/or you think you will be dissatisfied unless you are absolutely guaranteed a specific outcome, then seeking alternative/energy therapies and experiences may not be for you.

For the best results, it’s important to be open-minded and unattached to specific results. Energy work requires that you let go of needing a specific outcome in order to receive the outcome you need most. With consistency, focus, and a commitment to your well-being, you will likely notice improvements in many areas of your life – and thankfully not only to the ones at the conscious level…

Think you would like...

…to host your event in a unique, upscale, locale on the waterfront?

Venue rentals for mom’s night out socials, book club meetings, bridal parties, music / artist showcases, celebrations, and other intimate gatherings.

Cutting-edge Partners:

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We strive to learn new ways to bring you balance and bliss! All thanks to ACEP for their wise community of healers.

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