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Do you feel a shift in consciousness taking over the earth?
Are you asking yourself, “Why am I here?” “What’s my purpose?”
Have you felt “asleep” at the wheel of LIFE?

Well, you’ve come to the right place to AWAKEN.

We are all on a journey to enlightenment and ascension. I have been “awakening” for the last 11 years. In actuality, our unique awakening process begins the moment our spirit enters the womb.

I became somewhat “aware” of my awakening when two spirits entered my womb. I became acutely aware when their souls took human form and I became “mother”.

It’s been a journey filled with joy and jubilation AND it’s also been a journey THROUGH pain, loss, and heartache (not necessarily in that order and sometimes all at the same time). I’ve done a lot of spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical work to reach a place where I’ve gained wisdom from the journey. That’s not to say I now lead a perfect life; there’s no such thing. What I have gained is an internal compass that points due north. That’s not to say I never lose my way. Sometimes I take the scenic route, sometimes I take a turn that leads me down a path lined with lessons still left to be learned, or sometimes life places an unexpected roadblock along the way.

The difference is now I KNOW my way back to my true north. I know my way back to my Source. And that knowledge allows me to get back on my AUTHENTIC path more expediently and purposefully; reducing self-judgment or doubt, increasing forgiveness of self, forgiveness of others thereby fostering a sense of freedom. That is the beauty and peace that comes with living not a perfect life, but an AWAKENED life.

That’s why you’re here… (literally & figuratively)

AWAKEN is a place you can turn to for information that I’ve curated from thought-leaders, scientists, physicians, gurus, and everyday people like you and me who are willing to explore and become pioneers in cultivating a community of higher-consciousness.

AWAKEN is a place where I can share content I’ve studied and “wisdom nuggets” as I like to call them that I’ve collected along my journey, with the hopes that it resonates with you on a deeper level.

AWAKEN will challenge your thinking and frames of reference.

AWAKEN will introduce you to concepts that may not make sense cognitively but may make all the sense in the world energetically and spiritually.

AWAKEN is your place to ponder, ask questions, and map out pathways to higher consciousness that resonate with YOU!

It’s taken me many years and a lot of “soul work” to be at a place where I can say I KNOW MY PURPOSE. It’s work that I continue to do that solidifies my KNOWING and expands my awareness.

I am here as a CHANGE-AGENT
I am here as a HEALER
I am here as a FACILITATOR
I am here as a CONDUIT
I am here as a VESSEL
I am here as a RECEIVER
I am here as an ENERGY CONDUCTOR
I am here as a MESSENGER

I am not alone…

Like many other light-workers, we are here to help usher in the next level of consciousness to whomever so chooses to partake in the endeavor.

If you’re visiting Siesta Key or live locally, make a reservation at s.a.n.c.t.u.a.r.y™ – a holistic resting place on the waterfront designed specifically with women and creatives in mind to help you rest your mind and nurture your soul.

I hope you’ll meander along this pathway to AWAKEN your consciousness.

I look forward to walking with you on your journey…

With love & light,


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Kandy Magnotti, MA, MFT, CGRS is one of a growing body of practitioners bridging science and spirituality to facilitate self-healing and empowerment. Founder of Center for Mindful Grieving (501c3) and star singer behind "Kandy and Iain” ~ making music with a guitar and a voice…

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