The Importance of Women Empowerment

“Truly successful, powerful people want other people to be empowered.”

~ Oprah Winfrey

A Note From Kandy...

We are in the midst of a shift in consciousness and an awakening to the divine feminine energy, its needed role in our society, and the importance of powerful women to step into the light and help heal a hurting world that has been run for far too long on an overabundance/imbalance of masculine energy fuel.

We simply have to recall the uprising response of women (and men) who came together all over the world the day after the 2017 inauguration. We need only to recognize the flood of men in power who are being outed for using their positions of authority to suppress women—both personally and professionally—through sexually inappropriate behavior.

Success is not only measured by how much money one has in their bank account. These men who are being exposed—(pun intended)—for their disgraceful behavior are the shining example of “success” by all surface level measurements: wealth, access, an enormous platform, fame, et cetera. Authentic success—the true definition of success—is not a tangible status symbol. It is an intangible, energetic, balanced state of being. Truly “successful” people—people who know their worth in the world; people who truly see the value in another human life; people who authentically love themselves without shame or judgment—are people who are living the ultimate successful existence.

So, as the pendulum swings toward the power of the divine feminine, we, as women—especially holistic healers and practitioners, are charged to create an environment where we support each other’s strength and unite with each other—rather than subconsciously operate at the more masculine energy level of competition and separateness—to utilize our abilities for healing for the good of women and the world.

We need to take a hard look at ourselves as women—without judgment or criticism—with an open heart for growth and ascension. We need to ask ourselves, “Have I participated in a relationship with another woman—either personally or professionally—that not only betrayed her but, most importantly, betrayed myself?”

Take a look at this clip that outlines the “5 Ways Women Betray Each Other”—both in friendship and in business.
We can’t change that which we aren’t willing to face. As a holistic healer, much of my work is tasking clients to look at all parts of themselves, both the beautiful and the ugly, through a reflection that allows them to observe themselves without a lens skewed by judgment or criticism; with a pure lens that reflects nothing but unconditional love and unconditional positive regard. Transformational healing work is not easy work, but it’s the best spiritual work you can do in order to achieve authentic success. As a holistic healer and practitioner, I continue my own spiritual work towards ascension through self-reflection with trusted holistic practitioners who offer the same lens.

So what are...
5 Ways Women Betray Each Other?

1. We don’t honor our relationships. Because of feelings of self-hatred, we don’t honor the truth of a relationship or potential relationship—neither personally nor professionally. We project feelings that we have about our own short-comings onto other women—sometimes in the vilest and most disrespectful ways. But the Law of Reciprocity proves that whether it’s lifting someone else up or trying to tear them down, “everything I try to do to you is already done to me.” It’s important to be cognizant of the energy you put out into the universe because it will return to you.

2. We seek external validation. The unawakened woman goes after another woman when that woman doesn't validate what they perceive to be their truth. A truly successful woman doesn’t rely on external sources to validate their perspective. While we all strive to be validated to some degree, the authentically successful woman within will not try to blame another woman for the reflection of their own shortcomings they are unwilling to acknowledge.

3. We do not honor ourselves. When we come from a space of self-hatred and low self-worth, we are unable, as women, to honor ourselves—much less honor another woman. Many woman are taught this dysfunctional relationship with themselves through toxic relationships with the first woman they loved and who showed them what it means to be loved: their mother. One of the first steps to overcome this is to realize that it is an energy of self-hatred that has been passed down from generation to generation and a history of dishonoring the self. It is not truly personal, but rather generational, and it does not have to cement a future that lacks the ability to love oneself and honor another woman. The choice truly is yours!

4. We mimic what we’ve seen. We, women, are raised in a culture where we see women dishonoring other women—whether through gossip, rumors, bullying, ostracizing, name-calling, or some other demeaning action. We must forgive the women of the past; for when we know better, we do better. They didn’t know better. Because the pendulum is shifting, we do; we are being called to do better—to be better than what we have seen and learned.

5. We hold unrealistic expectations. We blame other women when they don't do as we expect. But have we paused to examine whether our expectations were, in fact, realistic? Have we placed that which we are responsible for in the lap of another woman? Then, when that woman doesn’t satisfy the expectation, she is blamed and dishonored. In reality, you may have, in fact, subconsciously set yourself up to be disappointed by yet another woman, which perpetuates the unconscious, vicious, energetic cycle.

I have been on both sides of the female betrayal experience. I was the “betrayer” in my adolescent and young adult years because I learned to mimic the behavior I was seeing amongst my female counterparts. But something never felt right for me in those moments of betrayal, as my spirit knew I was operating out of alignment with my authentic state of being.

I have also been on the “betrayed” side—both personally and professionally—enough to know that female betrayal runs rampant in our society—especially as women gain more positions of power. You would think that women in power would instantly lead relationships of women empowerment, but, because we have been acculturated to mimic what we have seen and are measuring success based on the materialistic world, it is no surprise that women in power do not always stand up for or support another woman in the workplace.

True, authentically successful women want you to feel the light that they feel. Truly successful, empowered women want other women to be successful and empowered. Truly successful women are willing to hold up a mirror to themselves and their own actions and take full responsibility for the events that occur in their life. Self-love and self-empowerment may not be the road to material success, but it is undoubtedly the pathway one must walk to achieve internal states of authentic success.

As a holistic practitioner, I walk with my clients on this journey through the emotional pain they may be carrying—pain that continues to fuel feelings of self-loathing and the need for external validation. I walk, side by side, with no judgmen or criticism—nothing but unconditional love and positive regard for the spirit of you that is inhabiting the human body that sits before me.

Until we are honest with ourselves about our collective role in perpetuating a masculine energy of divide and conquer, we’ll continue to miss the lessons that can be learned from our current state of world affairs. Please do not misunderstand; the masculine energy is essential to our existence and is not something to be eradicated. What I am saying is that it has been energetically out of balance from a consciousness perspective for far too long, and, because we exist in a universe that strives to self-correct, it is precisely the reason why women from around the world are elevating their voices and the injustices against women are being purged.

Let not this time in history be wasted...

I opened s.a.n.c.t.u.a.r.y™ @ The Specialty Arts Center not only as a place for women to rest their mind and nurture their soul, but also as a professional home for feminine holistic healers and practitioners to have a space to offer their unique specialty arts services to our community with the spirit of support, connection, and empowerment. If you are a holistic practitioner who offers a unique modality for healing and would like to bring your practice to a high-end waterfront location that provides you with the ability to support your clients and feel supported as a practitioner—both personally and professionally—on an as-needed basis, call 941.306.1232 to schedule a tour today.
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Kandy Magnotti, MA, MFT, CGRS is one of a growing body of practitioners bridging science and spirituality to facilitate self-healing and empowerment. Founder of Center for Mindful Grieving (501c3) and star singer behind "Kandy and Iain” ~ making music with a guitar and a voice…

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