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This website contains information, techniques and offers services in what is generally becoming known as energy healing or energy medicine. Energy healing (energy medicine), part of the emerging group of healing therapies referred to as alternative medicine or holistic health, has only recently begun to be investigated by the scientific community. It is based upon the theory, held by many and to date unproven, that illnesses, afflictions and limitations of body, mind and spirit 1) have as their root cause energetic imbalances in the “higher-dimensional energy field” surrounding the physical body, and/or 2) can be beneficially treated by correcting the energetic imbalances in this “higher-dimensional energy field.” While it is true that energy healing and similar alternative therapies have enjoyed rapidly-growing popularity in recent years, their effectiveness is currently a subject of controversy and intense debate, and scientific evidence of their effectiveness is only now beginning to be documented. At present, however, there is no comprehensive, definitive scientific evidence of the effectiveness of energy healing techniques. Educational programs in the healing arts, healing schools and healing training in alternative medical therapies has however begun to flourish, yet the majority of these activities (including instruction in and practice of energy healing and energy medicine) are thus far unlicensed and unregulated in most locations.

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